Leaf Mag

Leaf Mag is a collection of interviews with Australia’s book professionals — whether they be in bookshops, publishing houses, libraries or somewhere else entirely. We are interested in what draws people to working with books, what skills they use, and how they got into the roles they have now. We aim to highlight and disrupt the privileged barriers to entering these industries. We recognise that careers are not static, and we hope that discussing skills and pathways will make book-related jobs less mysterious and more achievable for those looking to enter these industries.

Leaf: noun, a folded sheet of paper, usually in a book each side is a page
Leaf: verb, to read casually

Take a leaf out of our book!

Clare Millar, Co-founding Editor, She/Her.
Clare is the daughter of a careers counsellor, and grew up with lots of careers information. When she was four, she knew she wanted to be a writer and a cat breeder—she hasn’t changed very much since then. She grew up on and continues to work on the unceded land of the Wurundjeri people. Clare is a bookseller at Readings and a poetry and nonfiction editor at Voiceworks. Her essays, reviews and poetry have been published in various literary journals, including Overland, Kill Your Darlings, and Voiceworks. She is the Chair of the 2021 Readings Children’s Prize, has judged the 2019 and 2020 Hachette Prize for Young Writers, and has previously been a student advisor to IPEd/Editors Victoria. She is on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Jessica Harvie, Co-founding Editor, She/Her.
Jessica grew up in regional Victoria on unceded Wathaurong land, where she could go to the library once a fortnight to collect as many books as she could hold. There’s a rumour she even used her dad’s library card to get extra books. As a teenager, she wanted to work in publishing to help future queer teenage girls find themselves in literature in ways she didn’t. After moving to Melbourne, the unceded land of the Wurundjeri, she has worked in student media, mental health, and drug and alcohol communications. She desperately wants pet chickens, but lives in an apartment. She currently works for the Melbourne Writers Festival. She is on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Rebecca Fletcher, Co-founding Editor, She/Her.
Rebecca Fletcher is a digital content manager who also freelances as an editor and copywriter. She lives on Wadawurrung land. She is currently the chairperson of Ballarat Writers and has also served as a regional ambassador with Writers Victoria and as a student adviser for IPEd. She will be finishing her Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing at the University of Melbourne in 2021. You can read more at saltyturnip.com.